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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Using Python named tuples to write understandable code

Remember that we were able to extract a tuple into named variables? This was a pretty neat trick. But Python even allows us to create some class alike tuples whose values can be accessed either by index or name.
import collections    
Person = collections.namedtuple('Person','firstname lastname sex age')

#FirstName LastName Sex(0 = Male) Age
csvfile = """Robby     Pelssers   0    35
Valerie   Pelssers   1    5
Lindsey   Pelssers   1    9"""

persons = map(Person._make, (line.split() for line in csvfile.split('\n')))

for person in persons:
    print person.firstname + ' ' + person.lastname + ' is ' + person[3] + ' years old.' 

Robby Pelssers is 35 years old.
Valerie Pelssers is 5 years old.
Lindsey Pelssers is 9 years old.

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